Stamina of Patriotic Youth Will Be Displayed!

It still rings in their ears.

“Reliable young vanguards!”

This is the first call the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made to the young people who had devotedly fulfilled the revolutionary task assigned by the Party even in terrible adversity as he attended the inaugural ceremony of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Plant held in October few years ago.

Appreciating the performance given by the youth central artistic motivational team some time ago, he said that the central committee of the youth league should keep in mind that our Party calls for the young people first whenever it faces hard work and implant in their minds that the Party is greatly trusting them.

“The advancing group, wing and death-defying corps of the Party”, “the mental pillar and stubborn bolster of our Party”, “the most vital unit of our society” and “the creator of socialist civilization, the vanguard of building the civilized powerful state”!

Like this, his trust in millions of young people is so noble and passionate.

Keeping in mind the great Party`s trust, the young people of the DPRK are standing at the forefront of the assault to realize the magnificent blueprint for prosperity of the country put forward at the Eighth Party Congress.

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