Review 2018 in Retrospect Bubbled over with “DPRK’s Shock”, “DPRK’s Supreme”

A photo exhibition took place on May 7 at the DPRK embassy to China to mark the third anniversary of the historical visit to China by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers` Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.

On display at the exhibition hall were the photos showing the three rounds of visit to China made by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un in Juche 107(2018).

Overflown on the planet in those days of 2018 were the boundless feelings of reverence for the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who performed in succession the miracles startling the world with his extraordinary political acumen, gifted diplomacy and bold decision and demonstrated the dignity and power of Juche Korea in the eyes of the world.

“At present, it is none other than Leader Kim Jong Un of the DPRK who enjoys the boundless praising from all the people on the planet.

“The international community is amazed at his art of leadership creating the centuries-old miracles.

“Enthusiastic praising of the people who were enchanted by the great politician, the distinguished leader is now getting higher as the time goes by.

“Leader Kim Jong Un is a symbol of mightiness that does not know impossibility and always displays only the invincibility. The world is now watching through his look the power of justice to be growing stronger against injustice without any slightest hesitation even under the trials and violent winds of history.”

(Internet homepage of Russia DPRK Today)


“His Excellency Kim Jong Un is praised as ‘the politician of manifest individuality’, ‘the great and creditable leader’, ‘the powerful and wonderful leader’ and ‘the most influential leader in the political circle of the world’ by the prominent figures and critics of the world.

“Noteworthy in his diplomacy is so blitz, exceptional and package features of his activity.

“His Excellency Kim Jong Un’s dynamic diplomacy that has brought about series of outsized events by executing diplomatic activities such as several rounds of his visit to China and DPRK-US summit with lightning speed is startling the general public of the world.”

(Iranian news Ilna)


“Leader Kim Jong Un is a state politician with high leadership and distinguished qualification. He is the statesman paramount in his spirit of independence and outstanding in his leadership. He is the leader who has high sense of creativity and tenacious power of execution. This is the knowledge of the international community about the DPRK’s leader.”

(Internet news of India Voice of Millions)


“The world is getting greatly shocked by the personality of Leader Kim Jong Un as a great man. He is a peerless great man. Kim Jong Un era has appeared sublimely on the political arena of the world, following the Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il eras.”

(Director General of the International Institute of the Juche Idea)


“Leader Kim Jong Un is the veteran statesman who knows the way of cautious decision-making in the upheaval of rapidly changing world politics with his unimaginable courage, scientific power of insight and extraordinary political judgment.”

(Bangladeshi paper Daily Nauros)


“Feelings of respect for and trust in Leader Kim Jong Un are now going beyond the DPRK to all parts of the world.”

(Nigerian paper Nigerian Observer)


“His Excellency Kim Jong Un is building the DPRK into a powerful state by dint of unique line and independent policy.

“Watching that the DPRK is advancing along its own road without fluctuation even under the pressure from others, the general public of the world are lifting their voices that the DPRK is never a small country but a powerful nation with greatest military strength.

“No force can check the path to be followed by the Korean people with the great leader in high esteem.”

(Vice-president of the Djakarta National University of Indonesia)


“Remarkable is it that diplomacy of Leader Kim Jong Un is aimed at attaining the strategic target toward the stable peace on the Korean peninsula.

“He is, indeed, an outstanding master of diplomacy.

“The time will verify the analysis that the situation on the Korean peninsula will develop as he has intended.”

(Cambodian news)


“We are regarding it as a great pride to have such a great man as Comrade Kim Jong Un on this Earth.

“Progressive peoples are extending their heartfelt thanks to him with boundless respect for him.

We wish Comrade Kim Jong Un good health and great success in his work to lead the great socialist DPRK to victory.”

(Chairwoman of the Party for Peace and Unity of Russia)

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