Gifts Reflecting Utmost Sincerity of All People 27

Gem Cutting Craftwork “Crane and Turtle”

This is a gift presented to President Kim Il Sung by the delegation of public security officials of Liaoning Province, China in June Juche 83(1994).

Prior to their visit to the DPRK, the members of the delegation had serious discussions on their ideas of the gift and decided to prepare the desktop gem cutting craftwork “Crane and Turtle” cherishing their boundless reverence for the President.

They purchased a high-quality gem produced in Dandong with their boundless respect for the President and commissioned a talented craftsman to make the gift.


Ceramic Vase

It is a gift presented to Chairman Kim Jong Il by the delegation of the National Committee of the Chinese People`s Political Consultative Conference in May Juche 100(2011).

Inscribed on the gift is the letters Jingcai which means clear and beautiful like a crystal.

Jingcai ceramics is known as making the lookers go into the constant change of emotion for it gives a strong effect of solidity and splendid color.

Handing the gift over, the head of the delegation said:

Inscribed in the ceramics are a couple of butterflies and a flower symbolic of wealth. I wish you would convey it to the respected General Secretary Comrade Kim Jong Il. 


Ox`s Horn Craftwork “Pencil Vase”

This is a gift presented to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un by the delegation for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism from Uganda in October Juche 105(2016).

The members of the delegation are fervently revering and following the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who has brilliantly carried forward the ideas and cause of the great leaders as the great leader of the human cause of independence. So, they prepared as a gift this horn craftwork regarded as a symbol of wealth in Africa. 

Conveying the gift, the head of the delegation said he presented it in their reverence for Comrade Kim Jong Un who is leading the DPRK to be the beacon of the human cause of independence and the powerful fortress.


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