Calling Teachers Patriots

One day in November Juche 105 (2016), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited an island defending unit of the Korean People’s Army located in the front line.

After learning in detail about the soldiers in and out of their service, he suddenly asked its commanding officer whether there was a branch school in the island.

Hearing his answer, he said that such a branch school for a few pupils in the island can be found only in our country. He said he was told these days that many graduates from the university of education volunteered to the branch schools in the island and that such teachers can be called patriots.

After a while, he said that it is necessary to give preferential treatment and high appreciation to the teachers who devote their pure conscience for the rising generation in the isolated island.

And he had a souvenir photograph taken together with not only service personnel and their family members but also teachers of the branch school.

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