Boiled Millet and Cold Cucumber Soup

It happened in July Juche 54(1965) when President Kim Il Sung visited a factory.

A consultative meeting held on that day under his guidance lasted some hours later with no lunch.

Feeling regret, the factory managers told him that they had already made the lunch ready at the factory`s sanatorium.

Then the President walked ahead telling them all to come with him.

However, it was not the sanatorium but a lodging place. There was a lunch table simply prepared with some bowls of cooked millet and cold cucumber soup. That was all. Today let us have lunch together with what we’ve brought and in such a hot day as today, fresh and cold cucumber soup quite matches cooked millet, he said to them who were in bewilderment.

The President truly did not keep the people at a distance even an inch and always thought of them.

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