Welcome to Historic North-South Summit

Political parties, organizations and personages of various countries including China, Russia, Ukraine and Ethiopia released statements in support of the historic September Pyongyang Joint Declaration.

They said that the announcement of the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration is another step forward towards the reunification of the Korean peninsula and that this dramatic event is the great outcome of the courageous decision of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. The progressive mankind has been enchanted by the tenacity and personality traits of the Supreme Leader as a great man, they noted.

Events also took place in Sweden, Finland and other countries to congratulate the historic inter-Korean summit meeting.

They were attended by personages and people of all social backgrounds in relevant countries.

Speakers at the events referred to the fact that dramatic events have taken place in succession on the Korean peninsula this year thanks to the bold decision of the DPRK Supreme Leader, expressing their conviction that the Korean people would achieve bigger success in their efforts for the country’s reunification.

Congratulatory letters to the Supreme Leader were adopted at the events.

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