Noble Personality Attracts All the People (2)

Every year, a great number of people came to the DPRK from many parts of the world to celebrate its national holidays.

Busy as he was with state affairs, President Kim Il Sung would make his hours to meet them. Whenever he met them, he stepped up to each of them, tenderly took them by the hand and greeted or talked to them.

An official told the President that he wanted him to keep standing at the same place to receive the greetings from the foreign guests.

The President reproached him saying that as we are the host, we have to greet them who have come to see us and we should not be greeted.

Here is an article written by a foreigner after he met the President. It read:

“It was fragrance, the peculiar aroma that could be kept only by the great man sent from the Heaven. What I felt strongly each time I met President Kim Il Sung on several occasions was that it was the fragrance of extraordinary personality to be emitted only from the President. As the bees and butterflies gather around the fragrant flowers, so all the people are following and uniting around him as they were fascinated by his fragrant personality.

“His fragrant personality was the warm human love based on independence and the noblest humanity.”

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