Benevolent Affection

One day in August Juche 61(1972), President Kim Il Sung went to the Pyongyang Students and Children’s Palace to meet the students from Tokyo Korean Middle and High School and Yokohama Korean Elementary School of Chongryon (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) who were on their first visit to their motherland. In a rapture of delight, the students threw themselves into his arms competitively, forgetting to offer him proper greetings. The President warmly embraced the students who were shedding tears of joy and told them to ardently love their country and people and to fully prepare themselves to positively contribute to the building of a thriving country. And he saw their performance and had a photo taken with them.

As he fondly looked at the students clinging to him, he said he was reluctant to part with them and presented them all with the wrist watches inscribed with his name. When they came back to their lodging in a state of great excitement, other gifts from the President were awaiting them. Indeed, the President showed infinite affection and benevolence for the younger generations of Koreans in Japan.

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