Noble Personality Attracts All the People (1)

It was Juche 70(1981) when Gomes, former president of Portugal met President  Kim Il Sung for the first time.

The President warmly took him by the hand and told him that he felt as if he met an old friend. And he recognized his merits and gave answers to the questions he suggested.

In April Juche 71(1982) when Gomes visited the DPRK again, the President met and invited him to a luncheon. He told him to visit the DPRK as often as ever, since he became his old friend. He gave him his firm belief, asserting that it is needed to wage a struggle together for the people and also for independence of Europe and the developing countries.

Captivated by his mysterious affinity, Gomes confessed that President Kim Il Sung is the great man who steers the world with his benevolent power.

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