Other Waterfalls on Mt Paektu

Sagimun Falls
It is located about 300m away from Paektu Falls along the valley towards Janggun Peak. It is 17.9m high. It flows over the hard boundary of rhyolite. The spring water originating from Lake Chon flows along the valley and falls over a precipice, forming the waterfall. The waterfall cascades in three tiers; the first tier is 6.7m, second is 4m, and the third is 7.2m. At the bottom of the waterfall, there is a pool about 11m round, 1.8m wide and 4.2m long.

Paektu Secret Camp Falls
It is located near the Paektusan secret camp in the Sobaeksu Valley. It flows down a gently sloping rock cliff and is 50m high. The waterfall, originating from Lake Chon, is the highest and most magnificent waterfall of those in Mt Paektu.

Hyongje Waterfalls
They are located in the upper stream of the Amnok River. About 1km away from the Paektu Falls, there are two waterfalls side by side. They are 11.6m high and 1.5-2m wide. They flow over the boundary of rhyolite, the lava which flew several times at the time of the eruption of the Paektu volcano. The water originates from Lake Chon, and its volume is great especially in the period when the ice melts and in summer. The waterfalls fall over a nearly vertical cliff, creating a fine spray of water. At the bottom of the waterfalls, there is a pool 1m deep and 10m round. Around the waterfalls, there occur alpine plants such as bog bilberry and rhododendron.

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