On June 6 Juche 45(1956) it was sleeting when the train carrying study tour group of the revolutionary battle sites led by Kim Jong Il stopped at Paegam Railway Station.

As he took a walk in the compound of the railway station for a while exposing himself to sleet, Kim Jong Il looked at inspectors checking up the state of train with a small hammer and stopped in front of them.

After observing their working for a while, he told a study tour member to listen to the sound of hammer of an inspector, adding that its sound reminds him of dissonance generally spoken by musicians and that inspectors are now finding out a discord like the musicians.

The study tour member inclined his head slightly on one side as he could not see the reason, but finally nodded as if he understood the meaning since his word was really a happy comparison.

Kim Jong Il went on to say meaningfully that even one time of a discord can never be allowed to inspectors, as well as enginemen and connector, since they are responsible for safe travelling of passengers and safeguarding the arteries of the country, and that there should be no discord in our ranks as well.

The member could not repress his admiration for the outstanding wisdom of him, who clarified a new truth that discord is the worst taboo in achieving the unity and cohesion of revolutionary ranks through the sound of an inspector`s hammer usually neglected by others.

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