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A few years ago, a woman official of the DPRK participated in the international symposium held in a country and made a speech on the subject of nursing and bringing up the children in the DPRK.

As soon as her speech was over, she faced a lot of questions.

Among many of questioners, one woman representative asked her to explain in detail how she was able to fulfill her heavy social duties as a mother who had to raise her children and that the DPRK has not discontinued its investment for children even under difficult conditions.

Speaking that each woman in her country does not want to bear a child, as it is a factor of losing her job and costs too much for breeding, she argued that she was unable to understand the meaning itself of the State expense.

Regarding her question, the woman official of the DPRK answered as follows:
When women bring forth children in the DPRK, the State is obliged to bring up and educate them in the nurseries, kindergartens and schools.That is the reason why women are actively taking part in their social activities. Children are all growing up equally and healthily under the benefits offered by the State, in disregard of their parental occupations. Raising the children at the expenses of the State and society is legally guaranteed. …

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