People’s Rejoice in Conviction of Brighter Future

With people`s rejoice greeting the New Year Juche 109(2020) filled all over the country, a performance took place splendidly at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang on December 31 2019 to greet the new year.

The performance was given by artistes from famous art troupes and lecturers and schoolchildren in the art education field.

The programmes reflecting the unanimous mind of the people living only with a firm belief in Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un made the packed crowds in the square bubble with extreme excitement.

Fireworks suddenly exploded into the nocturnal sky to significantly celebrate the last night of the old year and greet the New Year 2020.

The performance fired revolutionary enthusiasm and fighting zeal to advance steadily towards the ideal and goal of a thriving country upholding the banner of self-reliance under the leadership of the Supreme Leader.

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