Noble World of Human Love

Among the people who are attracted to the warm human love of Chairman Kim Jong Il and respect him endlessly is Giancarlo Elia Valori, the president of the International Group of Italy.

The Chairman gave him a party and sent him a gift for celebrating his 57th birthday when he was on a visit to the DPRK.

The gift was a sculpture of his mother Emilia Valori.

Valori wrote in his memoirs as follows:

“At that time my feeling was really inscrutable.

“His Excellency Kim Jong Il was really the supreme incarnation of human love who prepared for a warm meeting between my mother and me at the paradise of human love.

“He gave me the most valuable and priceless gift that can never exchange for anything else in the world, taking into deep account the maternal and filial affection of a foreigner. I could never find any appropriate words to express his noble world of human love.

“Here, I saw the world of great human love of a saint born in Heaven, the nature of the great Sun.”

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