The Day of the Sun Celebrated

The Day of the Sun was celebrated with splendour in all parts of the DPRK.

The Korean people celebrated the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung with a national calligraphy festival, national industrial design exhibition, Songhwa fine art exhibition, concentrated exhibition of Korean stamps, oratorical contest, poetry recital, celebratory gathering, dance and other events.

The concert of the Samjiyon Orchestra and other celebratory performances held in Pyongyang and local areas clearly reflected the people’s determination to hold their great leaders in high esteem as the eternal Sun of Juche.

Many pupils across the country joined the Korean Children’s Union with the resolve to prepare themselves as competent revolutionary personnel who are knowledgeable, morally impeccable and physically strong and the reserve for the building of a powerful socialist country in the embrace of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Sports games took place in Pyongyang to add more to the festive mood.

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