Noble Personality Attracts All the People (3)

Alva Chavez, a female parliamentarian of Ecuador, vice-president of Guayaquil University and a director of the International Institute of the Juche Idea visited the DPRK with her family and had an opportunity to see President Kim Il Sung. She met him for an hour and 40 minutes. She said:

“The President asked kindly about our health and family life always with bright smile in his face. He cared even our abnormal sitting posture in his overcautious fatherly manner.

“Enchanted by his boundlessly generous and informal personality, we told him all we have usually thought without any hesitation beyond our recognition. We made him even an impudent request.

“The President did not blame us a bit for our conduct. He gave answers to every question we raised. He explained that man is the most powerful being in the world and thus, if he decides to pull the stars from the sky, he can do it. On the other hand, he spoke eagerly that the socialist society of the DPRK is the society to regard the people as the most precious and esteemed, so the Korean people are fond of their socialism most of all.”

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