Report on Review on Work of WPK Central Auditing Commission

There was a report on the second agenda item “Review on the Work of the WPK Central Auditing Commission” at the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

According to the report, a correct viewpoint and stand on the Party financial management were established among Party organizations at all levels and Party officials, and big successes were made in drawing up Party financial budget and implementing it.

The Party financial income has systematically increased and the independent Party financial foundation has been strengthened.

The Party finance, therefore, could help build up large reserves while meeting expenditures needed for Party work and activities and its economic life.

The expenditure of the Party finance increased as the Party work and activities were intensified and the socialist construction vigorously pushed ahead with under the leadership of the Party.

The Party finance was spent on strengthening the Party and enhancing its militant function and role during the period under review.

It was also used for promoting the welfare of the people.

It contributed to the important national construction projects like Ryomyong Street, Samjiyon City, Orangchon Power Station, Wonsan-Kalma coastal tourist area and Pyongyang General Hospital as intended by the Party Central Committee.

It played a big share for upholding our Party’s noble love for posterity and future.

It also contributed to relieving people who suffered from sudden natural disasters last year of their misfortune.

During the period under review, the Party financial budgets in provincial, city and county Party committees were also successfully implemented.

The report pointed out mistakes that need definite correction in the Party financial management and stressed the need to bring about a fresh turn in its work.

The Party financial management departments and officials should more scrupulously carry out the Party financial management work and decisively tighten financial discipline as required by the development of the Party and the revolution.

First of all, they should firmly preserve the system of undivided responsibility in Party financial management.

Next, they should establish strict system and orders for Party financial management work and tighten discipline.

All the Party financial management departments and officials should financially and materially ensure the work for further strengthening the Party organizationally and ideologically and enhancing its leadership and fighting efficiency and the Party’s politics based on the people-first doctrine by thoroughly implementing the policies and orders of the Party on the financial work.


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