Combat Pilots Participating in Large-scale Air-strike Combined Drill Congratulated

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the DPRK, met and congratulated on October 9 the combat pilots who participated in a large-scale air-strike combined drill to fully demonstrate before the world the invincible spirit of the Party’s revolutionary army and defend the authority of the Party Central Committee.

The gallant combat pilots demonstrated before the world the might of the people’s air force and creditably carried out the Party’s order of training by displaying the matchless bravery and indomitable fighting spirit in the large-scale air-strike combined drill which was unprecedented in the army-building history and conducted with a blitz according to the Party’s operational plan. They were full of endless happiness and delight of entering the courtyard of the Party Central Committee like in a dream after receiving the sudden call of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

The moment he appeared, all the combat pilots raised stormy cheers of “Hurrah!”, paying the highest tribute to the invincible, brilliant commander who is fully demonstrating to the whole world the absolute dignity and national prestige of the powerful DPRK with his brilliant military ideas, outstanding commanding art and steel-strong courage and grit.

Warmly waving back to the enthusiastically cheering pilots, he highly praised the brilliant military feats performed by them who displayed peerless valour during simultaneous flights on the order of the Party Central Committee in a “do-or-die” spirit to dedicate their all to the Party and the leader and the country dearer to them than their lives.

Saying that the buzzing sounds of the brave flying corps shaking the country’s airspace to annihilate the enemy will be recorded in its history as a great demonstration of the combat power of the Air Force of the KPA defending the Party and revolution impregnably as the brightest star for safeguarding the country, he expressed his conviction that the combat pilots will more fully display wonderful fighting spirit and stamina peculiar to our air force that has flown invariably along the air route of loyalty, while leaving an annual ring of victory and glory along with the founding of our Party, and will discharge their sacred mission of defending the country, and had a significant photo session with them.

The combat pilots loudly shouted the slogans of loyalty full of their will to dash first into the stronghold of the enemy at a stroke like the storm and lightning of Paektu in the days of decisive battle and to sound the stirring explosion for victory of the great Korea of Kim Jong Un, bearing deep in mind his great love and trust.


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