Congratulatory Message to WPK Central Committee from CPC Central Committee

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba sent a congratulatory message to the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on January 6.

In the message the CPC Central Committee paid noble respect to the 8th Congress of the WPK which serves as a great event for the fraternal WPK members, other Korean people and the communists across the world.

The message stressed that the WPK is the political force which has long led the DPRK only to victory since its founding on October 10, 1945 even in the face of sanctions and blockade by the US imperialists, the only superpower in the world, and manifold ordeals and difficulties caused by the ever-worsening global pandemic crisis and natural disasters.

It said that the relations between the CPC and the WPK have reached the highest level, adding that the fraternal and special relations between the two parties based on mutual trust and solidarity have developed into the friendly relations between the governments and the peoples of the two countries.

It noted that the CPC and the Cuban people would never give up their principle based on the internationalist solidarity and their determination to build ever-prospering socialism, and would always remain faithful to the ideology of Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz in the face of brutal economic, trade and financial embargo which has been imposed by the US for the longest time in history and is being escalated by the Trump administration.

It extended warm greetings of congratulation of the CPC and the Cuban people to the WPK and the Korean people.


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