Yangdok Tells about Leader’s Love

It was on October 31 Juche 107(2018) when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort in Yangdok County.

He said that the Yangdok area is the best place for a nice hot spring sanatorium and tourist resort as it has beautiful scenery and the hot spring water gushes out in profusion and is high in temperature and highly effective in the treatment of various diseases.

When the design is developed in a Korean style and excellent service is provided, another world-class base for cultural and leisure activities will be set up for improving the people`s health and making them enjoy a civilized life, he said.  Referring to lots of construction projects being under way for ensuring their cultural and leisure activities, he noted that each of them was the creation built by the firm resolve and will of the Party to enable the Koreans who are the best people in the world to enjoy the acme of socialist civilization as early as possible.

Indeed, boundless is the love of the Supreme Leader who cares so much to provide his people with every best thing in the world.

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