God of the Korean People

In the autumn of 1964 President Kim Il Sung met a Korean businessman who was resident in Japan. It was a moment the businessman had long been waiting for although he felt ashamed for having done nothing great  for  the  good  of  his  motherland.  And  there  was  something for which he had decided to apologize to Kim Il Sung. So he told him somewhat remorsefully that he had been to south Korea on several occasions and promised to build a factory there, adding that he had made such a mistake because he was politically ignorant. He then said that he would cancel his deal with south Korea as it did not accord with his wish to make a contribution to the prosperity of the motherland, and instead conclude a deal with the DPRK.

Kim Il Sung smiled and shook his head.

He advised against his decision, saying that south Korea, too, was a land where Koreans lived and it would benefit the Korean people if he built a factory there as he had planned. He added that if Korea was reunified, the factory would be the property of the Korean people and would help the future development of the country. He advised the guest to carry out his project.

Highly impressed by his noble love for his compatriots and his great generosity, the businessman bowed deeply to Kim Il Sung, and said sincerely: “Your Excellency Kim Il Sung, you are indeed the God of all the Korean people.”

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