Choesung Pavilion

The Choesung Pavilion is situated in the highest place (95m) on Moran Hill. 

In old days, people called the place Mubong, saying that it reflected the stout-hearted spirit of a brave warrior.

On this place there was a pavilion called Osung Pavilion, which means a place where one can enjoy five scenic spots.

 Later it was called Choesung Pavilion as it is the highest place in Moran Hill and the scenery seen from here is most beautiful.

The place was also named after the pavilion.

Built in the mid-6th century in the period of Koguryo, the pavilion was renovated in 1716 in the period of the feudal Joson dynasty. 

The cosy pavilion adds beauty to the summit of Moran Hill and its surrounding areas.

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