Magnolia, National Flower of DPRK

“Magnolia is the national flower of the DPRK.

“The flower, as white as snow just like a flower in the folktale, attracts the attention of people. …

“It is by no means accidental for the Korean people to call their country ‘Korea`, a country of morning calm.”

“… As the flower looks opulent, neat and pure, it has become the symbol of love, happiness, hope, future and strong faith.”

 “For its floral leaf which is transparent and pure like a gem, refined and elegant shape of the flower, burnished leaf, stout trunk and penetrating sweet fragrance, all the Korean people like the flower.”

These are part of foreign media reports which gave wide publicity to the national flower of the DPRK.

The Korean people plant and cultivate a large number of magnolias in the historic sites, streets, parks and working places and depict the beautiful flower to the monumental edifices and art works.

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