Looking Forward to Bright Future of Country

In mid-August Juche 37(1948), President Kim Il Sung examined the design of a university building.

Looking into the general layout of the university, he studied its building site and said that it was too small.

When an official was thinking it was large enough, the President taught him that we should build the university in no way inferior even in the distant future, since it was the edifice of training the cadres for the nation.

And the President said that we should see the future of the country with far-sighted point of view and that although we designed a three-storied university building now, we should take it into account to build a 30-storied, 40-storied and 50-storied university building in the future. He added that we should then bring into shape a magnificent university town in no way inferior whether the people would see it in trains and cars or look down from the airplane.

Concluding that we should invest for the future and have nothing to spare, the President signed the budget plan of the design and construction plans of the university in his masterly style of writing.

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