He Lives on in the Heart of Mankind

The International Friendship Exhibition House in Mt Myohyang, celebrated mountain in the DPRK, keeps the gifts presented to President Kim Il Sung by numerous foreigners.

After looking at the gifts presented to the President transcending differences in ideology, faith, political view and religious creed, foreign personages made entries to the visitor`s book as follows:

“I am very surprised to know that gifts were presented to President Kim Il Sung after he passed away.

“I have heard and read a lot that the President enjoys immortality. But as I see the gifts sent to him after his demise I carefully comprehend the meaning of the word ‘immortality`.”

“The world still does not know such a precedent that gifts were presented after the passing of the head of state.

“Looking at the gifts Comrade Kim Il Sung received after he passed away, I can see squarely that he is a great man living on in the heart of mankind.”

The reverence of mankind missing and following the President goes on even today beyond boundaries and time.

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