Foreigner Figure Receives Strong Impression in DPRK (1)

A former chairman of the Tunisia-DPRK Friendship Association was really impressed with the reality of the developing DPRK and wrote as follows:

Classic Formulation

What impressed me most as I saw the developing DPRK is the classic definition offered by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un that single-hearted unity and invincible military power plus industrial revolution in the new century make a powerful socialist country.

No one can propose it except such a great man with brilliant intelligence and insight as Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Motive Force

Modern buildings befitting a civilized nation have sprung up splendidly across the country in a short period of time. It is entirely attributable to the wise leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who selected the sites of the monumental structures to be newly built and carefully inspected every project so that they could be completed on the highest level.


His energetic leadership was a powerful motive force which made it possible to usher in such a golden age of construction as of today.

Pyongyang has been spruced up and hundreds of parks, pleasure grounds and modern cultural facilities and leisure centres newly built throughout the country, unfolding the spectacular sights of the Kim Jong Un era.

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