Twenty Metres and Fifteen Minutes

The Pyongyang Sports Goods Factory is located in the Sports Village in Chongchun Street of Pyongyang, the capital of DPRK.

The factory produces various kinds of Taesongsan-brand sports goods such as football, basketball, boxing gloves and sportswear.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited it early in June 2016. He expressed great satisfaction at the fact that the factory put production and business activities on a modern and IT basis on a high level and was in a position to produce a variety of sports apparatuses in larger quantities as against the previous period.

The construction of modern, large-capacity factory is associated with the warm care of the Supreme Leader. Noting that it is necessary to lay a firm material foundation for sports development, he chose the site for its building and examined its designs and layouts several times.

After acquainting himself with the situation of the factory which buckled down to the full-scale production, he underscored the need to produce apparatuses and goods necessary for developing the specialist sporting techniques of the country and making sports mass-based and part of daily life by our own efforts, technologies and raw and other materials as well as to intensify the studies for ensuring domestic production of raw and other materials.

Stressing the need for the factory to launch a campaign for producing quality sports apparatuses and goods to be much favoured by our people, he said he looked round for 15 minutes the sample hall with less than 20 metres long, estimating the quality of each sample as he attached importance to the issue of improving the quality of products.

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