“Three-Point Commander”

On November 27, 2007 Kim Jong Il was inspecting a KPA unit.

At the soldiers’ hall he closely studied the history board hanging in the corridor.

Pointing at the photograph of the commander, a political officer of the unit reminded him that a decade ago when he was inspecting a military university, he was a cadet and made a three-point shot at a basketball match.

The General recollected the day with a gleam of amusement.

… That day the university arranged a basketball game between Songsae and Pangphae teams. From the very beginning the game was fiercer than ever before as it was watched by the Supreme Commander.

Five seconds after the start of the game the Songsae team scored a point and the players grew more excited.

When a cadet of the Pangphae team took possession of the ball, the General shouted, “Three-point shot, three-point shot.”

However, the player was standing too far away from the basket and he had not succeeded in a three-point shot at such a long distance.

He collected himself and threw the ball with all his might.

Astonishingly, the shot was a success.

“Well done. Good,” exclaimed the General, clapping his hands in delight. …

Recalling the scene, he praised that the cadet had already become a commander.

After looking round the unit, he was satisfied that it was effective in ideological education, flight training, management and supply services.

Before leaving, he turned round to the officer and called, “Three-point commander!”


“You are not so old. You can still play basketball.”


“I wish you good health and success in your work.”

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