Leader Cultivates Flower Garden of Loving Future

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un attracts tremendous admiration and praise of the world’s progressives for his noble love for children.

A Russian newspaper said:

“The feeling of love for the younger generations derives from the warm human love and confidence of future.

“Love for children cannot be expected from those with no future and if they have any, it would be no more than a hypocrisy or a pretence.

“Love the coming generations and be confident of victory!

“This is Leader Kim Jong Un’s outlook on the rising generations and future.

“The international community sees the bright future of the DPRK in the image of Leader Kim Jong Un who loves the children very much.”

Foreign visitors to the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace said that it is a wonderful world-class building which beggars description in both content and style.

Even the government buildings of other countries will not be as marvelous as it is, they said.

It is unbelievable that such a palace is totally used by the children, they noted.

It provides a startling contrast between Korean-style socialism that spares nothing for the benefit of posterity and capitalism in which money is everything, they said, adding the DPRK is the country of which children are the kings, the children’s paradise.

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