Symbol of Reverence for and Remembrance of Great Man (3)

The Bureya people built a plaque and monument in commemoration of Chairman Kim Jong Il`s visit to the Bureya Hydro-electric Plant and Bureya Railway Station, regarding it as a glory to hold him in their native places. They hung Chairman Kim Jong Il`s photos in August 2016 on the 5th anniversary of his visit to Siberian and Far Eastern Regions of the Russian Federation.

They recollected with deep emotion the days five years ago showing the photos of Kim Jong Il enjoying a bird`s-eye view of the plant and making the rounds of the plant at the room he had visited and railway station.

The chief engineer of the Bureya Hydro-electric Plant said:

We have never dreamed that Leader Kim Jong Il would visit our plant, far away and rugged path, in the days of the last foreign tour of his life.

This is the decision made only by him who devotes his all to the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people.

His visit will remain forever in the history of our plant.

We will, in the future, hold his photos with respect and safety and carefully preserve the visitor`s book in which he left an autograph.

The chief executive of the Bureya District said:

We can never forget the emotion and delight of the day five years ago when we held him at Bureya Railway Station. Thanks to him, once unknown territory of Bureya can be recorded in one page of the Russia-DPRK friendship. The feat performed by him for the development of friendship and cooperation between the two countries will be handed down to the hearts of the Russian and Korean people along with Bureya. 

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