Internet Lecture Meeting Held in Uganda in Celebration of Day of the Sun

On the occasion of the 111th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, an internet lecture meeting titled “The People He Respected All His Life” was held in Kampala, Uganda on March 31.

It was attended by Chairman of the Ugandan Association for the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation and 40 politicians, public figures and pressmen.

Speaking that the world’s progressives were celebrating the 111th birth anniversary of His Excellency President Kim Il Sung together with the Korean people, the participants praised that the President had regarded the people as almighty beings and his teachers in his lifetime.

They also mentioned that the President always went among the people and seized up the urgent needs of the times and people while giving his ear to their voices and carefully watching their breathing, colors and expressions, their way of talking, gestures and manners and adopted new policies based on them.

They stressed that the state policies of the DPRK such as the universal free medical care system, free compulsory education system, recuperation and relaxation systems and free allocation of dwelling houses for people were adopted by his political idea that believes in the people as in Heaven.

They pointed out that the noble idea and spirit of His Excellency President Kim Il Sung made them realize his greatness and he was truly the leader of the people and a peerlessly great man and that his venerable image would be kept forever in the minds of the world’s progressives and shine as their mental pillar.

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