Fish Supplied in Mourning Period

On December 18, Juche 100 (2011), a day after Chairman Kim Jong Il passed away, such fish as walleye pollack and herring arrived at a port on the east coast.

The fishes were caught according to a benevolent measure taken by the Chairman. In February and November the previous year, he received a report that the people were very happy with the walleye pollacks and herrings supplied to them. He was very glad to hear that and saw to it that the fishes were supplied to them once again in the New Year.

At 9:13 p.m. on December 16, Juche 100 (2011), the Chairman signed the proposal for supplying the fishes to the Pyongyang citizens.

This turned out to be the last document he signed in his life.

The relevant officials hesitated to report this issue to Kim Jong Un as he had too many things to deal with after the Chairman passed away. Yet the story about the fish supply was so heartwarming they told him about it.

The Supreme Leader keenly felt once again the Chairman’s fatherly affection along with the great pain of loss and earnestly told them to supply the invaluable fishes the Chairman prepared with boundless love as soon as possible.

And to this end he took a measure for concentrated transport of the fishes to Pyongyang.

The Pyongyang citizens were all surprised at the supply of fresh fishes at the time of mourning when the whole nation was grief-stricken.

They shed tears of deep gratitude, saying they had never dreamed of such great love.

Such a legend-like story was woven in the period of national mourning thanks to the warm love of the Supreme Leader who carries on the great personality traits of the Chairman who regarded the people as his God.

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