At Military Campsite in Oun-dong

Chairman Kim Jong Il joined military manoeuvres at a military campsite in Oun-dong for over 40 days from August 20, Juche 51 (1962) during his days at Kim Il Sung University.

At that time, the training equipment, barracks and mess hall were under poor conditions. But he took part in the military training together with his fellow trainees, sharing board and lodging with them.

He acquired all the combat methods and movements needed in modern warfare, including offensive and defensive action, mountain and night warfare and improved the abilities of organizing and commanding the battle of a sub-unit.

One day, a fellow trainee asked him whether he was planning to serve in the military field after graduating from the university.

Kim Jong Il replied as follows: I attach importance to the power of both pen and sword. I am going to acquire both of them. I will try to learn everything what I must know, and delve deeper into it. I do not hide that I give top priority to arms. I will resolutely counter the reckless sabre-rattling of the imperialists and reactionaries with the force of arms.

With this great ambition, he studied in an all-round way the Juche-oriented military ideas, theories and tactics of President Kim Il Sung and read a large wealth of literature on military affairs, including collections of the battle experiences of the Fatherland Liberation War, books on world military history, and various military textbooks and manuals.

During the military manoeuvres, he made many speeches and talks about major military issues.

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