Anecdote about Great Man on His Birthday 3

Even In Simple Picture

It was happened on February 16 Juche 46(1957).

Greeting the birthday of Kim Jong Il, a classmate prepared a simple picture and put it in his schoolbag without notice.

A few days later, the student visited Kim Jong Il`s house and was surprised to see that the picture he had presented to him was hanging on the wall by the bed.

Bewildered by this, he asked Kim Jong Il to put away the picture, but he said that there was no need for him to so since his classmate had thought a lot to choose and present the picture to him and that he was pleased to know his sincerity but needed nothing else. He continued in following effect:

Herein lies true comradeship in truly believing and sincerely helping each other between comrades.

The relationship forged while exchanging any rare things is not true one and it cannot last long.

Looking up at him, who warmly perceived the true love for comrade even in a simple picture given on his birthday, the student keenly realized that Kim Jong Il was the paragon of comradeship that embodied the noblest love.

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