Principle of Independence

In July 1985 President Kim Il Sung had a talk with the visiting party delegation of a north European country.

In the talk Kim Il Sung supported the party striving to maintain independence in its relations with parties of big countries.

He said: The revolution in each country is carried by its own party. When introducing the experience of foreign parties, you should assimilate only that which suits your tastes and reject that which does not, however good the experience may be. Even though someone offers a delicious biscuit, one should not take it if it does not suit one’s taste. If a person eats food which disagrees with him he may suffer indigestion or other illness.

So parties and states should inform others of their good experience, and refrain from dictating that which does not suit other countries, he continued.

He added: Our two Parties maintain such a stand and are united on the basis of the principle of independence. That’s why I think that our two Parties will be able to maintain comradely unity and launch joint struggle.

The members of the delegation entertained a high respect for and deep trust in Kim Il Sung who explained them the need to maintain independence and principles in doing so.

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