Story about a Mineral Spring Site

The following happened one August day in Juche 35 (1946) when President Kim Il Sung visited a mineral spring site about 4 km away from the Chongsan-ri seat in the then Kangso County.

The peasants there put up a gate decorated with pine branches in front of the spring site and placed a guard to maintain order of many people visiting it on the occasion of the first anniversary of Korea’s liberation.

Kim Il Sung got off his car with a beaming smile on his face and approached a farmer who was on duty.

The farmer who failed to recognize Kim Il Sung asked him to show his identity card.

Kim Il Sung readily showed the guard his identity card.

The guard was quite at a loss for what to do when he recognized Kim Il Sung who liberated Korea and ensured that the land was distributed gratis to the farmers. So, he was struck dumb for a moment.

When the farmer was about to make a deep bow to him, Kim Il Sung held his two hands to raise him up and said that he was performing his duty in a responsible manner.

The guard felt more embarrassed what to do as Kim Il Sung praised him for a high sense of responsibility, instead of blaming him for impolitely asking the latter to show the identity card, unaware of who he was.

Holding his two hands, Kim Il Sung asked the guard whether he could pass the gate to go into the mineral spring site.

The guard gave the okay to him.

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