The Site Reappointed for University Building

In early September Juche 36 (1947), one of the borders of ancient wall in Koguryo Dynasty was found in the site where Kim Il Sung University was going to be built as the first one in the liberated Korea.

As soon as he received it, President Kim Il Sung summoned some historians.

Historians presented the views that the remains of Koguryo wall should be preserved, as they were few, though weather-beaten quite a long time and hardly recognized. The President agreed to their views and said that it is essential to well protect the historical relics for them to study better national history and correctly inherit and develop the heritage of national culture.

As the meeting was over, he went directly to the construction field to see the remains and said that they should not build the university there although it was the best place. Then he reappointed the building site while making his way through weedy valleys and slopes.

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