Remembrance of Great Man (3)

Order Back on Track

On the evening of June 20 Juche 73(1984), Chairman Kim Jong Il was unhappy as he looked out of the running car window. Because he saw lots of people waiting for a bus at a bus stop.

Among them there were a mother soothing her fretful baby on her back while stamping her feet and impatient people craning toward the direction from which the bus would come.

Though his car was running leaving the bus stop far behind, his anxious eyes remained cast on that direction.

Back in his office, he immediately phoned the leading official of Pyongyang Municipality to tell him to put to rights the order of going to and from work, saying earnestly: Driving through the streets of the city tonight, I saw long queues at trolley and other bus stops. Among them were many nursing mothers. If the people waiting in the bus queues till late at night are those coming from and going for night shifts, it is necessary to properly arrange night bus services so that people would not need to wait so long at bus stops.

Afterwards, an urgent measure was taken to resolve the matter of citizens` traffic to and from work and buses came to run along streets till late at night. Those who had impatiently waited for buses on their way back from their night shifts were happy to see that the traffic problem was finally resolved.

But no one knew how such measure was taken.

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