Jongyang Temple

It is a cozy temple situated at the foot of a hill called Panggwangdae behind Phyohun Temple.

It is called Jongyang because it is situated in the sunniest spot in Mt Kumgang. It was built in 600, rebuilt and enlarged in 661 and later rebuilt several times. It was seriously damaged by the bombings during the Korean war, so only some parts remain there. At present a stone lamp, a pagoda, Yaksa Hall and Panyabo Hall stand along the north-south axis. Yaksa Hall is a peculiar building with a hexagonal roof, which was built in the later period of the feudal Joson dynasty. The building was roofed without using any beam. The gorgeously painted ceiling looks like a flower garden. Preserved in the temple are the historical relics and remains dating back to the periods of Later Silla, Koryo and feudal Joson dynasty.

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