Speculation on His Last Day

It was July 7, Juche 83(1994). At 4:30 early in the morning an official could not endure his impatience while taking a look at the light from the office room of President Kim Il Sung.

It was because he received a task from Chairman Kim Jong Il to help the President obey the daily work he set for the President’s health.

He entered the office room and courteously told the President to take rest then when he was engrossed in speculation turning the pages of a thick document.

However, the President said that he had to hasten ratifying the document related to national reunification for discussion with Secretary Kim Jong Il in charge of organizational affairs and directed his eyes again to the document.

It was a historic document regarding the North-South summit meeting aimed at putting an end to the tragedy of national division which lasted almost half a century and opening up a new phase of national reunification.

When he entered the room again, the President finally turned the last page.

Presaging a great event for national reunification to begin in the near future, the President wrote “Kim Il Sung July 7, 1994” on the historic document and told him to report his approval to the Chairman. Then he walked up to the window with a broad smile in his face and opened it wide.

It was the speculation the President had on the last day of his life.

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