Kaesong South Gate and the Bell of Yonbok Temple

It is located in Pugan-dong, Kaesong City.

The gate was built from 1391 to 1393 in the Koryo period as the south gate of the inner wall of the walled city of Kaesong. Like all other old castle gates in Korea, it has a gable-roofed pavilion on a stone elevation. It is one of the World Heritage Sites. The Bell of the Yonbok Temple (founded in 1346), one of the three noted bells of Korea, is on the gate. Originally, it was in the Yonbok Temple (in Kaesong at that time). After the temple was burnt down in 1563, it was taken to the gate.

Until early 1990, the bell tolled to give time-signal to the people in Kaesong. The sound is so clear and loud that it is said to be heard 40km away. Relief patterns on the bell are elegant and beautiful. It weighs about 14 tons and it is 3.12 m high, 23 cm thick and 1.9 m round at its mouth. It is the largest of the old bells remaining in the country. It is a valuable historical relic showing the high metal casting technique in the Koryo period.

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