Confession of Blessed Man

The progressive people of the world still remember the noble virtue of Chairman Kim Jong Il who is possessed of warm and noble humanity and embraced all the peoples regardless of their nationalities and races.

To the surprise of Govind Narain Srivastava, secretary general of the Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea, a DPRK official visited him who was receiving treatment at a foreign hospital as he got ill on his way back from a visit to the DPRK in July 1981.

The Chairman, on receiving a report about his hospitalization, sent an experienced doctor with precious medicines.

A few days later, the Chairman said that Govind would miss his son in the homeland as he lay in the hospital bed, and took a benevolent measure to bring his son beside him.

Govind was so touched by the sincere and tender love of the Chairman that he told his colleagues:

“To a man who is a social being, there is no bigger happiness than living under love and trust. It is because love and trust are the best things that a man can give to others. And the love and trust from a great man praised by everyone cannot be compared to any other fortune or glory. In this sense, I can call myself a blessed man of the world.”

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