Outstanding Military Strategist

A Romanian politician said in an article posted on the Internet:

“… President Kim Il Sung wrote a brilliant page in the history of modern warfare by creating unique military tactics. At that time the enemy described the tunnel-type defence line of the Korean People’s Army as the strongest one ever known in the world. Former Portuguese President Gomes, who was the chief of staff of the Portuguese army in Macao during the Korean War, said: ‘At the time the operation plans were drawn up by dozens of army generals of the western countries after several rounds of discussions. But General Kim Il Sung thwarted them all singlehandedly. Seeing it with my own eyes, I came to realize that General Kim Il Sung is the most gifted military strategist and brilliant commander in the world.’

“Indeed, the immortal exploits for war victory of President Kim Il Sung as the great military strategist and the heroic self-sacrificing spirit of the Korean service personnel and people closely rallied around him will shine forever.”

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