Paektu Falls

Big and small waterfalls as well as clean and blue Lake Chon add to the beauty of Mt Paektu.

Among them is the famous Paektu Falls, named after the mountain, about 2km southeast of Janggun Peak, the major peak of the mountain.

18m high and 0.8m wide, this waterfall was formed by the molten lava that flew down the valley several times during the eruption of the Paektu volcano. The cliff is rhyolite.

Starting from the spring, the source of the Amnok River, a stream joins the Sagimun Falls and flows straight along a steep valley, before falling over a precipice, forming the waterfall.

Under the waterfall there is an oval pool 20.1m round and 0.75m deep.

Seen from Taegak Peak, it looks like a silk roll draping with Janggun Peak as the background; when southeast wind blows, the sun casts a rainbow through the spray from the waterfall.

In spring rare alpine flowers decorate the 20m-high cliff, and in autumn the icicles hanging on the cliff unfold peculiar scenery of the alpine steppe zone. In winter water falls down through ice pillars.

Near it there is a place where one can command a view of the waterfall.

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