Embracing Children with Warm Affection

One day in November Juche 60(1971), President Kim Il Sung visited the nursery and kindergarten of the then Kim Jong Tae Electric Locomotive Factory.

In the sunny warm room for sucklings he said that since the room was warm, it was better to cover them with blankets instead of quilts, and proposed providing them with flower-patterned blankets.

And in the sleeping room, he examined a double-deck bed to see whether it was inconvenient for kids. In a playroom, he embraced the children clinging to him, saying he was happiest at such a time.

He lifted up a boy and asked his name and age and the occupation of his father.  And noticing a girl beside jumping up and down anxiously for his embrace, he raised her aloft, too.

The girl was so happy she put her arms around his neck and pressed her rosy cheek against the President`s.

That lovely scene was put on the canvas to be handed down to posterity, evoking immense yearning for the President who was the benevolent father of all the children of the country.

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