Voice in Praise of Great Man 5

The Sun of Human Fate Greater Than Founders of World and Helios Put Together (1)

It was mid-June in Juche 83(1994) when Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States, visited the DPRK.

He was known as a Christian, moderate liberalist, neutral conservative and progressive liberalist. After stepping down as president of the US, he, though belatedly, came to admire a peaceful society without war.

In those days he realized that it was President Kim Il Sung who had built and led such a country admired by him so much.

That was why, he embarked on the road of visit to the DPRK for the first time as he eagerly looked forward to meet with the President.

But he was rather apprehensive of whether the President would meet him since he had been chime in with the war maniacs of the White House in pursuit of their hostile policy towards the DPRK when he took the office. Surprisingly however, the President received him after being told about his arrival.

Jimmy Carter was completely charmed by the benevolent looks and virtue of the President who welcomed his visit with a gentle smile on his face, tenderly asked about his health and gave kind and clear-cut answers to his questions.

He was a man of unwilling to open his heart to the other politicians and heads of state and to listen to other`s advice and continent and careful of his emotion and behaviour.

That was why, he presented to the President an ornamental silver plate he had prepared with sincerity out of his profound feeling of respect for and trust in the President on the most meaningful occasion in his life.    

The Sun of Human Fate Greater Than Founder of World and Helios Put Together (2)

One day, the President had a talk with Jimmy Carter on a pleasure boat that went down the Taedong River throwing off foaming waves. Suddenly, he called an official and told him to speed down the boat.   

A little bit puzzled at the sudden slackening of the boat, Carter asked him the reason. He held out his hand to point at a place and told Carter: Look over there. Some people are angling at the riverside. If we make big waves, then we would disturb them. We should give them no disturbance even though we move a bit slowly.

He could not repress his surprise and admiration.

No wonder he is called the leader for the people, he thought.

But there were more surprises waiting for him.

At the luncheon, the President told Carter in a cordial tone to help himself, adding the dishes were especially prepared to suit his taste and in consideration of his bean allergy.  

He was so surprised that asked the President how he could know even his private “secret”. At that time the President smilingly said that there was nothing in the world he did not know. 

Completely attracted to his noble personality, Carter in an interview on his return said: “President Kim Il Sung is greater than the three presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln that represented the founding and fate of the United States put together. I don`t hesitate to say President Kim Il Sung is the Sun of human fate greater than the founders of the world and Helios put together.”

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