The Rest He Delayed

There is one story that leads to meditation in precious memories.

It was one winter day in Juche 52(1963). President Kim Il Sung saw young pupils playing in the roadside without any overcoats in the cold when he was passing a mountain village in North Hwanghae Province.

He let his driver stop his car to call them and asked them which school they went to and if they did not feel cold while making warm their frozen hands.

They repeated that they did not feel cold, but the President couldn’t sleep that night at his lodging place, saying to himself that they were playing outdoors without any overcoats.

Next day he attended a conference of province officials and said that he went round a few counties during his rest of ten days at North Hwanghae Province according to the decision of the political committee of the Party Central Committee and that he could not take his rest because he was unpleasant to see the children not in winter dresses.

Having delayed again the rest he seldom took, the President came back straight to Pyongyang and convened the political committee of the Party Central Committee. In the meeting he suggested the way to solve the problem with rural children’s dressing. And then he guided all the processes to produce their winter dresses and supplied them free of cost to all rural children in no less than a month.

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