Rosy Is Future of DPRK

“In the DPRK the children are growing up vivaciously enjoying only happiness under the most advantageous socialist system. I truly envy the Korean children who grow up under the deep concern, proper education policy, noble outlook on future and posterity of the benevolent leader. With His Excellency Kim Jong Un, rosy is the future of the DPRK.”

 (Chief of the Taekwon-Do Association of Mongolia)

“I would like to say the Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage is an ideological and artistic work showing the greatness and resourcefulness of the Korean people upholding great leaders in high esteem and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

“Indeed, this is a palace for children and a world-class national edifice.”

(Military attaché of the Egyptian embassy in Pyongyang)

“The Songdowon International Children`s Camp is a really wonderful children`s palace.
“Such a children`s palace, excellent, wonderful and magnificent, is nowhere to be seen in the world.

“I have never imagined that such a wonderful palace would be in the DPRK. I wish I could become a child again and spend even a day with Korean students at the marvelous children’s palace.

“I came to know that the DPRK is a country that spares nothing for children.”

(Member of the Frankfurt Animal Association of Germany)

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