Central Zoo

The Central Zoo, the biggest of its kind in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, was built at the western foot of Mt Taesong in Pyongyang in Juche 48 (1959).

It was renovated on a high level to ensure a fine combination of visual effect with formative and artistic beauty as required by the times and opened to the public in July Juche 105 (2016).

The gate of the zoo is suggestive of the head of a tiger with its mouth open wide. The zoo has eight halls and 37 houses for animals, including those for reptiles, monkeys, dogs, wild beasts, elephants, giraffes and dwarf horses.

These halls and houses are designed in such a distinctive way that everyone can guess even from afar which one is for which animal, and they blend well with their surrounding scenery.

Kept in the zoo, covering an area of 100 hectares, are 10 000 animals of 800-odd species living in different parts of the world as well as in Korea.

Animals presented to President Kim Il Sung, General Kim Jong Il and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un by heads of state and outstanding personages of different countries of the world give visitors a deep impression.

The Central Zoo serves as a cultural recreation centre and a place for educating people and disseminating science and technology.

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