Great Power of Love Taming Severe Natural Disaster

Every year, many countries around the world suffer from natural disasters including typhoon, leaving lots of people homeless.

Typhoon No. 13 began to hit the DPRK from early morning on September 7, cutting power lines, inundating farmland, unroofing dwellings and public buildings and breaking their fences to inflict diverse kinds of damage on some parts of the country.  However, the nationwide damage can be claimed to be less than the expected.

Under the wise leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who regards the life and property of the people as his flesh and blood, emergency measures were taken to prevent the damage from Typhoon No. 13 on a nationwide scale and the whole population was on a full alert.

The DPRK could successfully overcome the natural disaster, backed up by the power of great love of the Supreme Leader for the country and people.

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